Making Water Sexy And Vivacious - Behind the scenes building the fundamental image/look for splash-propelled generic water containers and collateral materials.
Flat Patterns - Georgia-Pacific - Every one of the Georgia-Pacific brands had towel, tissue, liner and inner wrap cartons and sleeves for a diverse collection of dispenser sizes; this is an example of drilling down into some from the Park Avenue line. I worked in a team refining and revising the design formats for each package as the diverse shapes required.
Packaging Graphics - Pouch Sector - Pouches generally serve the childrens' and fruit juice markets; the design for our pouch multipack promotional vehicles was intended to be loud, vivid and fun.
Packaging Concepts - Simmons Mattress / Anne Geddes 1 - 8 of 16 initial ideas for how to brand and label a bulk mattress, created for Anne Geddes
Corrugated Design

Assorted packaging designs and corrugated examples from a range of end-users. See my main 3D portfolio at:

Ted Freeman
Atlanta, GA