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This logo was created for a housing development project in north Philadelphia. The phrase was coined by one of the communities active residence that believes in a better future for the growth of the area. So far it has been displayed on signs and a reusable tote bag.
Personal branding
This symbol/logo was designed to commemorate my wedding day. The representation of love, art and culture are shown through the unity of the CMYK color theme.
This mark was created by combining the fire element with the 'w' and 's'. By disguising 'wok street' within the mark it can eventually be used without the description.
This slightly refined, slightly sketchy, slightly 8-bit mark was Inspired by the plot of the soon to be hit comedy web series, Smart Guys. Three friends with no experience, no talent, and a lot of spite try to create the greatest video game of all time.
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This mark was created to reflect the colorful characters that come with each Imaginary Friends kit.
Hitchcock's thrilling films, old movie posters and classic style inspired the creation of this logo.
Inspired by architecture and the zodiac of India, Ganesha playfully prepares a cup of tea.
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Teresa Nguyen
Graphic Designer & Illustrator Bristol, PA