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Shogun War - I finally got around to doing a battle scene with these mechs.
Shogunner - battle damage v2 - Battle damage version 2.
Shogunner - battle damage - Battle damage version.
Shogunner v2 - Variant mech.
Shogunner - I've been wanting to do a samurai themed mech for a while now, finally got around to it.
Shogunner hatch and cockpit - Here's a close-up of the mech's hatch and cockpit.
Whiteout - Considering the situation, this guy looks strangely calm, perhaps he knows something they don't. ;)
Whiteout - background - Snowy goodness.
Killer's Remorse xbox cover - Looks like a fun game, no? :D Mock-up for fun.
Killer's Remorse - It's interesting how much the mood changes when the lone gunman is added to the picture. ;)
Stranded - detail - Closer detail shot from the 'stranded' pic.
Stranded - This was predominantly done with the lasso and gradation tools. I've seen other artists do it in the past and thought I'd finally try it out. I can see why people do this method, it's great particularly for architectural shapes as it allows for quick yet precise layouts.
Merc 01 - headshots - Various heads.
Merc 01 - mercenary for hire
Merc 01 - sketch - mercenary for hire
mercenary for hire
Rising Sun - Painted this...in between diaper changes.
A Clearing - Time for an enviro.
Femme Series - Slapped some colour on these designs.
Femme 04 - A.V.O.N. merc. ;p
Femme 02 - Devil Wears Uzi.
Femme 01 - Yee haw.
mech 03 - Mech concept.
mech 02 - Mech concept.
mech 01 - Mech concept.
Game of Death Remix - Finally finished this sucker (before baby #2 arrives).
Loosely influenced by Bruce Lee's Game of Death...well only the stripe on the suit really.
Hurricane Punch - Great for knockouts and black outs! ;)

Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Punch.
Look familiar?

Feudal Futura - So this was loads of fun. Sort of a retro, medieval influenced future. Samurai vs. Knight vibe.
Space Ronin - Spppppaaace Ghoooooosst.....er Ronin.

Next, Space Ronin goes to war!
Scourge - So a bit of a twist on the plague of locusts. Cyborg locusts!
Aftermath - Post-apocalyptic setting.
Fight in Nihon Alley - I wanted to incorporate some characters in this background I painted earlier. Sort of an homage to Tekken, hope ya digs.
Nihon Alley - Environment painting.
Kaiju Attacks - Who doesn't like monster movies eh?
Tundra - Here's a little enviro, starting to really enjoy doing this now. In the past, I felt doing bg's were more a necessary part of a piece, not necessarily because I enjoyed doing it. But rendering a more painterly style these days has made enviros a lot more enjoyable.

Notice that shadow? Is it a man? A woman? Are they arriving or leaving? Is that a scarf or hair flowing in the wind? You tell me!
Scorpion's Run - A little sci-fi pursuit.
Mech Battle - More conceptual work, continuing with the sci-fi theme.
Round 1 - Here's a mock screenshot I put together. All the art is vector based, made in Adobe Illustrator.
The Last Stand - Just your everyday little sci-fi, city under siege scenario.
Concept Art
Ted Kim
Concept Artist/Illustrator Toronto, ON