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Warriors of Honor - I dream of making my own fighting video game!
Bushido Bill rides again - This is a redo of a character I created a while back crossing a rogue samurai or ronin with a cowboy.
Yuki - Ninja girls are cool.
Shadowless Monk - Shadowless Monk..dunno what that means but thought it sounded cool. ;p
Robonofu - Samurais are cool, robots are cool, samurai robots are ultra-cool!
Martial Kin - Well I just had to put the team together!
Move over Street Fighter, here comes Martial Kin! The greatest (fake) fighting game ever! ;p
Bitter Melon - Bitter Melon may look sweet but she's really a deadly little thing!
D-Fist - This dude is funky on his feet and furious with his fists!
Lady Viper - She'll pull you in with her eyes but slice and dice you in an instant!
Oxen Wu - He comes in peace but will pound you silly if necessary.
Vector Art
Ted Kim
Concept Artist/Illustrator Toronto, ON