Fruit coctail recipies
New book patent - Patent of a 3D book that looks like a fruit with eight separate slices, each illustrated as a different fruit.
Eight peaces
box 1
box 2
box 3
box 4
for every clasroom
Morning cereal package - Package design using illustration as the instrument of communication. This package has nostalgic pattern illustration in background.
Corn flakes package - This package has simple pattern associating on Mexican Indians - corn flakes.
Children flakes package - This package has vivid child-like illustration covering the entire form.
Sport and wellnes cereal package - This package has juicy, fruit illustrations that make you see how healthy your breakfast truly is!
Shadow games
Glass illustration - Made in technique of Sandblasting.
Gray abstract models
Red quatre
Sage chair rendering
Dessert, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Appetizer, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Main course, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Salad, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Ready meal, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Black and wnite, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Pirate fleet, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Pirate ship
Wind caughter
Boats, foto: Damir Fabijanic
Test opening 2010
Eklego Varazdin exhibition opening
3D & conceptual projects
Tena Rebernjak
Designer Zagreb, Croatia