Beach Mat - A portable single person beach mat that provides a perfect balance between structure and nature that a plain towel can not match. Hollow pillow holds sail-like wind/sun protectors and has extra space for personal belongings.
Bose Wave Radio Re-Design - I concentrated on user experience which after compiling my research, i found was a very important part of purchase decisions for the 18-24 age group.

I designed a total package and a way to personalize the product to create a emotional connection to the product.

The customization would carry through to the remote and even the packaging.
Bose Wave Radio Re-Design - During my senior year at MassArt in the "Product Development" lab we worked with Bose to come up with a re-design of the Wave Music System to be geared towards a younger audience without changing the price.

A simple silicon insert which could be manufactured in many different colors is an easy and cheap way to provide customization. It also creates an opportunity for after market accessory sales.
Alias Model of "Marshmallow Chair" - Alias model of George Nelson's "Marshmallow Chair".
Alias Model of a re-design of "Marshmallow Chair"
Magazine Rack - Molded laminated wood and acrylic magazine rack
Rendering done in Photoshop for a "communication" project in which we were given 2 people who needed help communicating.

My 2 people were a new stepfather with no prior children and a teenage stepson who was having trouble adjusting to the new addition to the family.

My solution was to create a bonding experience through common ground in the form of a game in the tradition of chess but completed through teamwork.
Cinnabeads - Wearable natural insect repellent for children.
Intro to: Smart Tile - For women who shave in the shower, the task can be daunting and sometimes dangerous. Through online surveys and one-on-one interviews, I found that most women are stretching into awkward positions and relying on slippery surfaces to hold their foot while approaching their legs with a sharp razor.

My solution is a standard sized wall tile, with an unobtrusive form and in-mold texture to gently hold your heel in place while shaving. The form also allows for drainage.

To arrive at my final design I experimented with clay, producing many form studies, which you can see at the top and bottom of the above image.
Smart Tile: Problem Board - Shaving in the shower can be dangerous. With strange angles, slippery surfaces and limited eyesight its a wonder that woman manage to shave in the shower at all!
Smart Tile: Product Overview
Intro: Seeing With Sound - The technology we were given:

The vOICe technology is a very powerful and general approach towards seeing with sound.

The Bone Phone is equipped with a Sonic Speaker which transmits sounds through vibrations through the skull, instead of relying on the usual method of sound hitting the outer eardrum. Transmitting sound through other bones such as the collarbone is being experimented with, which I used in my design.
Seeing With Sound
Seeing With Sound
Wooden Fork - Wooden fork produced out of two laminated blocks of wood to create a center line. Initial cuts were made with a bandsaw and refined with various tools. I finished it off with countless hours of hand sanding, filing and general obsessing.
Model Making
Product Design

Product Design projects from my time at MassArt in Boston.

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