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Grosse Pointe Manor - Art direction, project management, UI, Drupal
Art Direction
Real Estate - Art Direction, Wireframes
Organic Bikes - Art Direction and Front End XHTML/CSS
Art direction, Project Management
Art Direction
Art Direction, PM - An ultra-modern approach to liven up and a very technical manufacturing website. My art direction goal was to immediately engage the visitor and make the highly technical concepts palatable to even the untrained user.
Art Direction, Front-End, Drupal theme and development - This project was completed in 16 hours! Including client feedback and revisions on the design!!
Art Direction: The National Archives
My website- XHTML/CSS + Drupal - Planning, design, front end and custom theming and set up of Drupal site
Art Direction, Front end, Drupal build and theme - niche b2b networking group website with online social networking functionality - about 600 registered members (with more than double active users) signing up for events, creating profiles, getting in touch with others, posting to the community blog and more! All designed and built by me (except the logo! That was not me...)
B2B Art Direction
Art Direction, XHTML/CSS, Drupal
Art Direction, front end HTML/CSS - Art Direction and production XHTML/CSS for home childproofing consultancy. Target market: upscale, hip, tech-savvy and sophisticated design taste. SEO required for strong internet marketing campaign.
Art Direction, front end HTML/CSS - ASPHO Art Direction - Home Page with drop down menu styling
Art Direction, XHTML/CSS - Art Direction + Production. (XHTML, XML, CSS, Flash, sIFR, jQuery, PHP)
Art Direction, XHTML/CSS, Drupal
Department - art direction and created jQuery widget
Art Direction, Front end, Drupal build and theme
Ancient web design portfolio-2007

I'm keeping this old stuff here because it's fun to see where you come from, and how far you've gone!

Tevi Hirschhorn
UX, UI, Digital Product Designer Chicago, IL