Capturing the Ephemeral : Forming an Imerse Reality in Commercial Space | Final Project

There is very interesting quality in fog related to its ability to manipulate reality in the space in which they/it exist. As an object that is often associated with visual experience, the fog transformation can actually be seen as an immersion phenomenon that occurs naturally. Thus the impact does not stop only as a visual experience, it can affect the entire body in experiencing the space. Fog as an ephemeral object whose existence is separated from space, can also be one part of interiority because of its immersion characteristic.
This final project is a study of the working system of fog, related its potentials in creating immersion through a layer of opacity. Then the results are applied as a method of space design as a whole. Treating the program, form, and the reality continuously with the basis of research and experiments on an ephemeral object.

Thaza Georly
| Architect Interior | North Jakarta, Indonesia