Designer for Hire - I am currently looking for a full time position with a team who enjoys overcoming challenges. I am not limited geographically and have experience working abroad. If you are looking for a young professional to bring an enthusiastic and fresh sensibility to your business, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Process Page - This is a quick process page that I made while building a design with Alias StudioTools. I use pages like this as a way to springboard my creativity and discover new techniques. Made by using Alias and Photoshop
Teaser - Feel free to request a digital portfolio or further information on any project of interest.
My Sketchbook - Sketches are mainly pen and pencil. Most are created without any initial theme or idea behind them, its a time when I just shut down my mind and let the hands go. Afterwards, the more I look at them the more meaning each one takes on.
Mixed Media Sculpture - These are two projects I did combining wood, metal, and plastics.
"Leave Your Mark" - I made this "box" for a metal smithing class I took my senior year at Syracuse. The aluminum lipstick case was milled while brass fittings were altered and rethreaded for the bullet's body. The top of the bullet/lipstick was filed by hand out of alumium rod and buffed to finish. A heart shaped charge was soldered into a milled cavity to finish the base. The broken hearts were cut from nicklesilver and the names stamped in.
Theo Aldridge
Hard Home Designer New York, NY