Bottled Air is Tomorrow's Bottle Water - I called this 3rd part of my thesis, Entree d'Air, marketing it towards high end restaurants and health spas. Today, oxygen bars are popping up all over the world offering flavored airs that can supposedly clear your mind, relieving migraines, hangovers, and stress. With smoking becoming banned in restaurants, Entree d'Air is a consumable that can be shared amongst a table to end their dining experience with a "healthy, and clear mind".
Entree d'air Regulator Variations - The final model was created in glass with a plexiglass core. The seal and regulator were lathed from aluminum and an actual nasal candela was obtained for the final thesis show back in May 06.
A Cleansing Experience - Just as wine has grape unique to its geography, each bottle brings air from an exotic location from around the globe, creating a cleansing sensation at the end of your dining experience. For more details please feel free to get in touch!
Bottled Air
Theo Aldridge
Hard Home Designer New York, NY