EZ Refrigerator Mat - This project was given to us by LG Electronics to bridge their products further for American markets. This is my concept which was selected by their designers as a possible future product. Designed to fit inside LG's existing fridge line, the EZ Mat redesigns our social behavior within an everyday object.
EZ Mat Description - The EZ Mat allows families with children to build a visual language within the fridge to make access safe and easy. Parents can feel reassured and kids can gain independence by using the colorful mats to highlight foods and snacks in easy-to-reach areas.
Rendering - Rendering represents another target market for situations where adults living together might need to claim ownership of items within a shared fridge.
Sketches - LG demanded very specific research to back all of our idea generation. This silicon mat was chosen by LG as a viable product direction for creating "zones" that could be used for a variety of people living together.
EZ Refrigerator Mat
Theo Aldridge
Hard Home Designer New York, NY