Hardwear Hoodie - Design today is often used as a bridge to reach the ideas of the future. In my spare time I enjoy thinking about the kind of lifestyle I would like to be living in the present but that have not yet been discovered fully or supported commercially into the mainstream. This project is something I thought of on a train in London that seeks to fluidly unite technology and fashion.
trend board - While dreaming up blue sky ideas, I began to look at what accessories are around us already. Music and fashion are a great means for expressing our individuality as well as commonality. Although many designs have experimented with combining the latest trends in both mediums, I still felt the kind of story I was searching for was missing.
initial sketching - These loose sketches begin by expressing some current fashion trends with audio components that could be incorporated in a more seamless manner and used in our everyday lives.
sketching continued - Utilizing technologies to create built in headphones, speakers, and external controls combined with the fabrics of mainstream fashion could create new expressions in our everyday lives, making life more enjoyable and allowing individuals to come together through common passion.
Hardwear Hoodies
Theo Aldridge
Hard Home Designer New York, NY