((((( You Are Here ))))) - "You Are Here" is the name of my portfolio created to show several of the designs and techniques I have achieved over the past 3 years while working as Creative Director at Innovative Technology. If you would like a copy of the book sent to you or would like additional information please feel free to get in touch. Thank you for your interest!
35mm Film & Slide Scanners - Updated 2 existing form factors and aided in the development of a third to create a family of objects within IT's Digital Imaging Line. All three products have the ability to digitize old image media to jpeg format.
35mm Film & Slide Scanners - Autodesk Alias renderings with initial concepts shown below drawn in Adobe Illustrator.
Storyteller - Marketed for use between grandparents and grandchildren, the Storyteller is a product that takes an already existing color reading technology and creates a new interaction, archiving stories for generations.
Storyteller - Colour variations along side the final rendering. Created using Autodesk Alias
Little Trees Garbage Containers - 3 waste receptacle concepts utilizing the popular and iconic car freshener Little TreesĀ®.
Little Trees Garbage Containers - Several hand sketches to quickly show possible design directions
Little Trees - Concepts 1 & 2
Little Trees - Concept 3 - Outdoor solution for the garage. Little TreesĀ® freshener is placed into the compartment built into the lid. Drawn in Illustrator
XXL Boombox - Challenge was to revive this classic audio design, utilizing a new FM radio to MP3 recording technology and a dual iPod/ iPhone dock - Making the interaction of sharing music easy, fun and LOUD again!
XXL Boombox - Sketch Ideation - Initial concept directions.
XXL Boombox - Ideation & Final Design - After selecting a direction that built upon Innovative Technology's current Boombox line, several variations were sketched using Adobe Illustrator, showing differences in UI and styling. The final design is shown to the right and is also 100% vector, using only Illustrator.
XXL Boombox - Final Tooled Prototype - Worked with our factory to make sure all design notes were communicated and that the final prototype demoing at the 2011 CES show was fully functional.
Portable Safe - An affordable and portable personal safe design that incorporates a 100dB alarm and steel safety cord to tether around structure bearing objects.
Portable Safe
Sales - This is an example of just one of many of the store endcaps that I created using Photoshop. The three quarter view was a challenge and required converting the AI packaging artwork and transforming each side until a three dimensional representation was achieved. The end result was a comprehensive rendering that impressed and resonated with buyers for their store floors.
Sales - Ads, Endcaps, and more! - From styling ads to mocking up endcaps to designing a 40ft x 40ft trade show booth, I created artwork for our sales team and met the demands of the buyer.
Sales - Web Development - Developed and managed online assets for Innovative Technology's web site. Artwork and UI direction was handed off to Sound'n'Vision to code. See the final results at www.ithomeproducts.com
Innovative Technology
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