Painless Glucometer - Over 18.2 million Americans suffer from diabetes. Many must prick themselves as much as 10 times a day using the standard lancer and glucose reader. Finally, a painless alternative is available!

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How does it work? - Turning the device on and off is as simple as opening and closing by using the thumb slide on the underside of the glucometer.

One button to activate, simply hold the device in place against the outsides of the eye. When all three bars are lit the user knows the process has finished and their glucose level calculated to 99% accuracy.
Form Ideation
Variations - Illustrates various styles to appeal to different audiences and situations.

From fashionable to sporty, used at a hospital or while dining at a restaurant, this compact solution could take on a variety of skins to meet the lives of those who use it.
Close Up - Easy-to-read display.
Painless Diabetic Glucometer
Theo Aldridge
Hard Home Designer New York, NY