The pinnacle window display incorporated the Hero Shot of Nike Athlete, Galen Rupp, and the asphalt texture which were included in the job's supplied assets from Nike. These images were then printed and mounted to angular sections of Gatorboard to match the aesthetics of Nike's Visual Center for the product launch. The three shoes were mounted to the asphalt section of gatorboard in articulated positions to show different perspectives of product details above wedge shaped, edge lit acrylic that matched the Volt color found on the shoes. Finally, the slanted headline and subhead of the product launch were applied to the window with second surface vinyl echoing the angles of the Visual Center once again.
The initiative zone for Fleet Feet Sports in Old Town Chicago was designed with the angular creative in mind as well. The footwear pedestal positioned between the male and female mannequins was constructed entirely from one sheet of sintra skinned with the asphalt texture and volt color pops to keep consistent with the flanking mannequin platforms. Below the shoe, the connect level copy communicates the features and benefits of the Structure Triax 17 to consumers. Directly behind the initiative zone, two lightbox graphics featuring an alternate image of Galen Rupp and the product hero shot tie the footwear wall to the rest of the product launch.
Isometric drawing of the footwear pedestal with dimensional measurements.
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Nike SP14 Structure Triax 17 Retail Launch

Role: Lead Designer
Responsible for designing Attract level window displays as well as Engage and Connect level in-store graphics and initiative zones in accordance with the launch's Visual Center supplied by Nike's global brand design team.

Dave Smith
Designer Portland, OR