Orange Batik - Printed Tshirt with wooden bead embellishment
Disco Ball - This original graphic was created for a T-shirt client using Abobe Illustrator
Leaf Print Halter - One color print with beading.
Rock Royalty - Design for screen printed T.
Orange Leaf Print - This is another version of the printed and beaded leaf. This client often printed different colorways of the same graphics onto various garment styles.
Metallic Bamboo - This print had a matte color print as well as a metallic foil print.
Puppy Love Tatoo
Cross Stitch Sweater - Sweater was hand crochet and then hand embroidered with cross stitch. Layout artwork created in Primavision.
Handknit Blanket Sweater - Inspired by Native American Blanket patterns. Sweater was handknit. This artwork was created in Primavision.
Floral Hand Embroidered Sweater - Sweater artwork layout created in Primavision.
Textured Fairisle Sweater - Layout artwork created in Primavision. This sweater was executed as a handknit. Some areas use purl stitches to create a surface texture.
Cardigan with float jacquard panels - Artwork created in Primavision.
Nordic Fairisle Sweater - Layout artwork created in Primavision
Hand Embroidered Sweater - Layout artwork created in Primavision. The back panel of the garment was hand embroidered.
Iceland Sweater - This style was hand knit. Artwork layout created in Primavision. Areas of purl (reverse jersey) create additional texture.
Japanese Floral Tunic Layout - Original artwork created with Illustrator for a placement print on a cut & sew knit tunic.
Sweater CADs & T-Shirt Graphics
Thea Perez
Freelance Fashion Designer and Illustrator Boston, MA