Paddry Interior Project_ 4 Room (BTO) @ NorthShore

Videography and Photography showcase for an interior project for our client Paddry Interior.

Emphasis has been placed on attention to detail, with elements of perfect symmetry integrated into the overall design of this BTO unit, especially in the living room space, with cove lighting that lines up perfectly with doorways creating a subtle separation of space without physical partition, and a TV console that is styled tastefully with natural materials that create a timeless living space. Plenty of natural light illuminates the unit with large glass panels utilised in the semi-open kitchen design. Bedrooms feature expertly crafted built-in wardrobes, and a creatively integrated walk-in wardrobe arrangement has been achieved for the master bedroom which faces the main hallway, that not only creates a separation of space but also creating a truly inviting and homely vibe that awakens the gentle voice in your head that whispers; ‘Welcome home’.

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