Ollie the Yeti

To see a mate off to the states I customised a pair of plain white trainers for his exciting journey!

The yeti character took a day from inital sketch to final result. Over that day he became known as Ollie as he loves skateboarding. He also loves surfing and music but his biggest love of all is ice lollies! He cant get enough of them. He also rocks a very trendy hair style and is never seen without his fur groomed and waxed to look like an emo cut.

From sketching through to painting on the trainers, took over 15 hours and was finihsed off with two layers of high gloss varnish to hold the paint in place and make them eaiser to wipe clean as they now have a shiny coating. I also added a pair of laces from Mr.Lacy which are mellow blue with pink tips to tie in with the colour. Finally I took the trainers out to the marina where I live with my dogs to get some nice photographs in the sunny Sunday morning.

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