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Lone Coyote - Pencil on Rives BFK.
Wisdom Tooth
Bio Meets Tech - News lead illustration for Nature Medicine.
Starling - Woodcut.
Heart - Linocut print.
Putting Sleeping Sickness to Bed - News lead illustration for Nature Medicine.
Yeasty Scientist - Inside illustration for News lead "From Pond Scum to Pharmacy Shelf."
From Pond Scum to Pharmacy Shelf - News lead illustration for Nature Medicine.
August - A move to Philly brought on my strange fascination of armadillos with wings.
Releases Pieces. - a 10" x 14" show poster, featuring a CD releases by El Oso and Decibully.
GNV cover ideas. 09.05. - three ideas for the Goodnight Variety's next to-be-recorded album.

i heart music. and creating for those that make it.
a griffin of-sorts - a griffin of-sorts. not an actual correct 'griffin' by-definition, but just as fancy.

done in my favorite media.
how do you spell 'dough?' - if you have not yet listened to Mister Mike Doughty, you should. and hopefully this will provide some inspiration to do so right now.

acrylic and mixed medias. approx. 11" x 14"
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Alyssa Grenning
Designer + Illustrator Portsmouth, NH