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BOLU tea

The starting point here was the creation of a totally unique pack shape. After exploring many options, a perfect balance of aesthetics and function were applied. Visually the pack looks completely harmonious-due to the integration of flowing, curved lines that echo traditional Indian architecture. However form is nothing without function, so the true genius was ensuring that this unique pack was also cost effective to produce and easy to assemble.

Inviting Curious to the party was the key to success in this epic project. They lept into action designing sumptuous iconography and fused with it with a vibrant colour palette, to create a contemporary range of packs. Brilliant.

Bolu, THINK and Curious - just your cup of tea!

www.bolu.co.nz | www.curious.co.nz

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Mat Bogust
Cardboard Engineer | Think Packaging® Auckland, New Zealand