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Black Arrow Candles

Inspired by memories of Robin Hood firing arrows deep into the middle of tree trunks, the client had a clear vision of basing the packaging an this archery theme-yet with a modern, ready-for-retail look and feel. Accordingly, the ‘arrowhead’ (the candle) was set into a package that looks like a beautiful, modern, lime washed piece of wood. It is designed to be very deceptive – to draw customers in, to pick it up and discover the beautiful candle within.

Then came the difficult part, the execution. No block of wood is the same, nor is it straight edged, so the plan was to design a cardboard form that was actually imperfect. A disruptive, yet natural shape was engineered by chamfering off the top right edge to create a unique, organic look and feel, just like wood. As the pack hinges in half, the two sides are actually the same piece, yet mirrored – resulting in a perfect balance of straight versus angled lines for the front, back, top, and bottom view points.

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Mat Bogust
Cardboard Engineer | Think Packaging® Auckland, New Zealand