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Cardboard Kenworth Truck

Another ace brief.

"Mat, we've seen the cardboard tv... we want you to build us a cardboard truck" ... Now I'm no model maker, but I had to give this one a crack.

Kenworth were having their 50th anniversary within New Zealand and wanted some special centrepieces for a celebration dinner. Yep, rad, mini models of one of their trucks... x85 of them, hand built.

Starting with some imagery of the desired truck, the CAD drawing began - just with an eye for detail and approriate scale. Near the bottom of the page you'll see my first white model. A pretty good start but lacked a little oomph, plus the nose was a bit stumpy! After some refinements - most importantly the chunky exhaust and the hollowed out back tyres, we were ready to roll. Line art was added and the centrepiece was done.

The completed truck is made from E Flute corrugated and the wheels were cut from 16mm Xanita board, for the bulky tread/tyre look.

Client: Image Centre Group/OnDigital
Artwork: Robin Charles, ICG

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Mat Bogust
Cardboard Engineer | Think Packaging® Auckland, New Zealand