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Soda Brewery. x4 Pack

Previously Unavailable (in partnership with Heineken) created Soda Brewery when they found themselves in a love-hate relationship with soft drinks. "We love the taste and hate the sugar overload"

Using the magic of brewing, they make a range of 100% natural sodas with all the flavour but half the sugar of regular soft drinks.

Being used to creating innovative products with untraditional business models, Previously Unavailable challenged us to create more than just a regular x4 pack. The bottles have their own unique flavour and beauty, so we designed and developed this packaging so you're able to see all four the whole way around the carrier. We call it, The Cathedral Pack.

Photography: Fraser Chatham

Brand & Artwork: Emma Rogan

Final imagery thanks to & copyright © Soda Brewery

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Mat Bogust
Cardboard Engineer | Think Packaging® Auckland, New Zealand