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Walking with dinosaurs... biscuits

I sent a rather snappy email to a respectable agency and scored myself a meeting - result!

I had closed my email with something genius... "and not to bribe you...... but I'll bring biscuits"
Their reply was even better! It ended with "great, we love biscuits Mat! Not from the shop though - homemade is best"


So... I picked up the gauntlet laid upon me and went about creating these gingersaurs! I'm a great believer in first impressions and wanted to dazzle them with my ninja skills right from the word go - getting them building their very own dinosaurs to munch on with a nice cuppa...

Of course I wasn't there to win a baking award so I housed my little dino's up in an epic package. The biscuits sat within a top tray and lifted out to reveal the goodies. I also had another secret compartment that included a USB filled with my packaging eye candy, business cards, a fold up paper tank & my iPad.

(it worked)

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Mat Bogust
Cardboard Engineer | Think Packaging® Auckland, New Zealand