For Here Serveware Program / Misaine Inc for Starbucks Coffee / 2009

To coincide with a brand update in 2010, Starbucks Coffee asked for proposals to replace their “For Here” ceramic mug.

The demands were that the mug had to be cost effective and also it would have to withstand the high temperatures of the commercial dishwashers. The previous mug had a decal wordmark on the front, which would fade over time.

Our proposal uses a technique that was new at the time, laser engraving the logo on the mug’s surface. As this was the only decorative element on the mug, the factory was able to keep costs down, and as there is no additional ink or materials the mug would appear new for longer. Also, with this textured, detailed logo we were able to provide a product that felt more luxurious for less cost.

Starbucks purchased 9 million pieces, in different sizes, over the first 3 years of the product’s life. The mugs are still in production and found worldwide in every Starbucks store.

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Thomas Elliott Burns
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA