Oasis Outdoor Lounge Chair

I lived in Los Angeles, CA before moving to Switzerland to attend ÉCAL. Life in LA and nearby Palm Springs often revolves around being outside on patios and by the pool. So with this in mind I took it upon myself to develop an outdoor patio chair.

Working with a flexible plastic I developed a seating shell that could be folded from a single sheet and be stable without any thermal forming. The result is a lounge chair which can be stacked in sets of 4 and can be manufactured inexpensively.

The development process was done mostly by hands on working with physical models. I found this the best route, because while one could sketch different shapes, the true behavior of the material depended on its physicality. Because of this the result is something that I would not have found through just sketches and 3d models.

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Thomas Elliott Burns
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA