Na Fearty or fearless best describes the Chptr & Vrse brand, whose man-models wear scowls, studs and beards as they show off this blissfully abnormal and blessedly eccentric line of men’s wear.

Urban menswear born in Brighton

The Brighton-born company gives few clues to its origins, only saying they started off as a few eccentric mates wanting to customise their own gear. But the small, independently owned clothing line has now become an exclusive street style that has taken today’s urban-grunge look by shock and picking up great notices from the fashion press and social media world.

Starting with only a social media presence in 2010, presenter and DJ Will Manning boasted he’d joined the likes of DJ 279, Mistajam and Manny Norte in finding “very, very hot tees” from C&V online which suit the sleek but bad-boy image clubbers crave. Listen to the DJ!

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Dan Heaver
Shoreham-by-Sea, United Kingdom