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Museum of Arts and Design Annual Report

Templated design that works with the Museum of Arts and Design’s brand guidelines and is flexible for printing or viewing onscreen. The challenge of the brief was to figure out a way to present the artwork at each of the exhibitions held during the year, while giving the viewers context through the curators’ insights.

Inspired by the action phrases of MAD’s eclectic mission statement, the annual report presents the artwork in a dynamic, layered, ever-changing space—a simulation of the museum experience on paper.

The design of the annual report directly relates to the mission. The grid often breaks its boundaries boundaries, the imagery drifts over the margin, and the ornamentation changes size, position, and color as one flips through the pages of the publication.

The curator’s notes live alongside the artwork in their own frames. The quotes embody the museum’s mantra of Question Everything; they frame the work without being dogmatic, deserving prime layout space on the spreads.

Tiffany Dantin
Graphic Design and Art Direction Los Angeles, CA