Multi Use Furniture - The Curv is the space saving, environmentally friendly solution for the 21st century home. The changes in housing market, particularly the reduction in the size of living accommodation, has seen a growing need for adaptable, space saving, multi-functional furniture. The Curvs elegance stems from the simplistic concept of providing two types of furniture from an integral item.
Modular Use - When orientated horizontally, the Curv provides the user with a stylish table complete with an integral chair, perfect to use as either a work desk or dining table. With just with one effortless movement Curv transforms into a comfortable chair with integral side table; perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work. The Curv modular shape permits multiple units to work in harmony together, creating different usable areas for multiple users.
Multi-Use Wooded Version - The product is also environmentally friendly as the structure is manufactured from recycled blow-moulded Polypropylene. The detachable, one piece cushion is made from ‘Eco Intelligent Polyester’ which is able to be recycled and remanufactured continuously. The Curv is also available in wood derivatives to sit and complement wood floor living areas.
Modular Wooded Version - In essence, the Curv is the practical solution to tackle the shift from suburban to urban living as the designer believes that the Curv creates an aspect of sociability; achieving a fine balance between independent personal space to bringing people together, in multiple unit configuration.
Curv as a Desk
Curv as a Chair
Tiffany Roddis
Product Designer Sheffield, United Kingdom