Market Analysis/Tent redesign - The Ozark Trail Hiker Dome tent is for use at base camp. Above is a feature break down of the most well designed tents on the market. This market research inspired the sustainable redesign of the Ozark Trail Hiker Dome tent.
Nylon Impact - To determine the environmental impact of nylon used on the Ozark Trail Hiker Dome tent a process tree was used to produce the above results.
Nylon Tent body redesign - Using the process tree and impact assessment of environmental damage of the nylon tent body the redesign is composed of two redesigns. The first is to eliminate one of the sneaker lockers located on either side of the tent to eliminate some of the nylon. The second redesign is to eliminate all three of the nylon storage bags. The tent stakes and poles will be stored within the sneaker locker when not in use and the tent body will then roll up into itself into that same locker and zipped shut.
tent pole impacts and redesign - Key environmental impacts the Ozark Trail tent has in all of the stages of its life is determined here using a process tree. The process tree is then broken down into a part redesign, here the steel ferrule, to disassemble efficiently to replace broken fiberglass poles. Fiberglass poles are often glued directly to the steel ferrule making it difficult to recycle either product. The redesign is using a thread on both the steel and fiberglass for quick and easy disassembly.
Tent Stake Impact Data - A process tree and impact assessment was used here to determine environmental damage in all stages of an aluminum tent stake life.
Redesign Tent Stakes - Aluminum tent stakes bend very easily, leaving the user frustrated with the product. Bent tent stakes also end up in the landfill. The goal was to redesign the tent stake using a recycled plastic, reducing environmental impact. The top of the stake is round with raised four areas for reinforcement to absorb the impact of the foot or mallet pressure.
Ozark Trail Tent Life Cycle Assessment and redesign
Tiffany Burnette
Founder & Creative Director at Designhype Brooklyn, NY