travel light sketches - Initial book and candle-like or ambient light sketches are shown here. The concept stemmed from women's desire to feel a more home-like presence in the hotel room while traveling alone. I began sketching small pod-like objects, I wanted the light to be small and comforting when held in the hand.
travel light - The travel light can be used for finding keys in a purse, while being used as a book light for reading on the train, airplane, hotel room, and the middle body section pops out of the main body to be used as an ambient candle-like light. Embracing light as a way to enhance security and comfort for women traveling alone, this object took form.
sketches - When I began researching the whistle used by many women, I found that the tend to keep them on a key chain which is then put into a purse, out of reach when needed at a moments notice. I began to conceptualize, through sketches, what a whistle and compass could look like if worn around the neck of women.
Whisitle + Compass Prototypes - After making a wide array of tangible prototypes I asked women to choose the models they could see themselves wearing. These are some of the initial prototypes which were then shown to women of various ages.
Whistle + Compass - This whistle and compass with the design intent to take these objects off of the key chain, out of the purse, and around a woman's neck to insure that when in need both objects are well within reach. Women tend to travel for both business and pleasure, the whistle and compass are designed with this in mind, being able to be worn in the wild, in the city, and in a business meeting, thus keeping these objects of safety and comfort with women at all times.
Compass - Shown here is the compass alone and in use. The compass is not hidden, the user makes no attempt to make her use of it discreet because as a beautiful object she feels comfortable wearing it around her neck, thus making the compass an object of security and comfort.
Whistle + Compass - I was interested in the idea of having a whistle and compass combination as they are both small and tend to be out of reach when in need, this concept also uses the idea of traveling light and efficiently. Shown here is an example of how these two objects can come together, the long whistle pierces the compass as shown.
GPS Locket
Tiffany Burnette
Founder & Creative Director at Designhype Brooklyn, NY