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HED SVRS - Home Pride Series - For international team surfing events or just wear them to represent!

If I can figure out how to fit a grizzly on there, I'd put the California State flag on one...any one have any suggestions?
Boa Lacing System - Dial the knob to quickly tighten the helmet snugly. Loosen just as easily.
Surfing Helmet - Click "View original file" for a detailed view.
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HED SVRS are a line of amphibious head, ear, and eye protection concepts intended for sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, and bodyboarding. A lightweight, low profile solution protects the most vulnerable areas of the head from forward motion collisions. The integrated Boa System allows you to dial in a snug fit with two fingers in less than two seconds.

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Timotheos Leahy
Product Development Consultant Los Angeles, CA