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proposed Warcraft Trailer
Evertheory Album Art
Mayan Cave - Concept Art for Film
Martian Based Mecha - Film Concept Art
Seige in progress! - Film Design Concept
Captains quarters
City concept
"Cellular" Phone
The Sorceress
A chance encounter
Construction of the Palace - Storyboard work
Perlinus Explored - Boundless Planet artwork
The Final Confrontation - Sci-Fi Film Concept Art
Rebellion - Comic Work
Through the molten pass - Boundless Planet
The Discovery - Painting for fun
Our inner workings - Film Concept Art
The Viking King - Film Work
Los Angeles after the Quake
Molten Landscape - Boundless Planet
The Grand Bazaar - Film Concept Art
Portrait of Evil - Film Concept Art
Crossing the Indus - Film Concept Art
Outer Planet - Boundless Planet
Inner Workings 2 - Film Concept Art
To the Death! - For Fun
Peace and Quiet - Film Concept Art
The new Model - Game Art
The Storm
Evertheory Album Art
Out of Fuel!
LA River Shantytown - Film Concept Art
I had to change the final version
Attack from Above - Film Concept Art
Underground Fight - Film Concept Art
Motorcycles - Film Concept Art
Some of the projects I have worked on...
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Concept Art
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Tim Peterson
Illustrator/Visualist Baldwin Park, CA