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Sale furniture for IMETEC-BELLISSIMA

The concept is seeking for a solution for a simple question: “ how can we attract people attention in the shop and give them courage and privacy to test and experience beauty products ? “
To answer to this question I designed semi-private furniture. From outside I used lenticular pictures without any texts or logo. In this case, it makes the costumer curious to approach and explore it. Inside, furniture is fully connected to the internet and advertisement campaign for Bellissima Called “You are naturally bellissima “.
On the other hand the furniture is designed in the way to be so easy and fast to assemble. it has a modular shape so can be fit in different lay outs. It is also possible to use it out doors for special event and festivals.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Tirdad Kiamanesh
Freelance Industrial Designer Chicago, IL