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Air brushed, foam sculpted prop stools with steel interior armature
Hand painted wood grain
Hand sawn UAW logo
Emo Boy - Soft foam sculpted emo boy
Finished, painted, foam sculpted boy
Clam and Zebra Muscles Soft Sculpture. 36'width - Air brushed finish paint
Zebra Muscles detail with sludge
Foam Soda Cans
Crushed Foam Sculpted Soda Cans
Finished Soda Cans
Air Brushed Racoon
Air brushed racoon
Air Brushed Mars
Air Brushed Metallic Moon Detail
Air Brushed Metallic Moon
Ford Moon
Ford Float - Finished Ford Float. Elements personally air brushed: 2011 Ford Explorer, moon, mars, logo sign
Hand sawn lettering
Hand Sawn S3 Logo - Roughly 3' height, hand cut.
S3 Float with Logo
Hand painted rust detail
Soft sculpture bull 10'
Hand painted flower detail
Hand built and painted Jazz Fest Logo
Whitney Mums
Paint detail on mums
Telescope Foam Sculpture
Dexter style finish painting!
The Full 10'+ Ford sign
Hand turned 9' prop bed posts
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Prop Art
Tracy Metivier
Furniture Design / Product Design Detroit, MI