The Puma relay track suit concept was inspired from the 'toga'. 2003
PUMA "Jamaican Olympic Track Suit" - OLYMPIC TRACK RELAY SUIT
The Puma relay track suit concept was inspired from the 'toga'. This lightweight one-piece nylon secondskin concept was worn by Veronica Campbell and the Jamaican woman's relay team as they won the gold at the 2004 Olympics, in Athens.
PUMA Track Spike
This heelless track spike concept was inspired by ancient roman sandal design and was designed for the Jamaican relay team, Athens, Greece, 2004.
PUMA "Kien Liu Pro Skate" - Performance skate model designed for Kien Liu, Lateral Collection. 2000
PUMA "Hola Hola" - The first of several models in the series of the "Lateral Adventure" collection. TPU components and stretch lacing integrated with breathable, durable and quickdry meshes compliment an aggressive rubber trail outsole design. 1999
PUMA 'The Cage' - THE CAGE-
Inspired from the street basketball court in NYC called 'The Cage', a blend of high-performance and urban styling, result in this innovative basketball apparel/footwear collection designed for Puma. Strategic placement of Puma leaping cat logos in areas such as armpit and pant inseams, cause the logo to jump out when players' arms and legs are stretched. This concept was a joint collaboration with apparel designer, Ciano Farmer, that resulted in Dorn's debut on '60 Mintues'. 2000
PUMA 'Terminal Jumper Series' travel concepts for multi functional travel bags and footwear.
XMEN boot concept collaboration with New Regency for Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine,'XMEN 1', 2000.

- Puma Performance running footwear/apparel projects Olympic competition racers, outdoor trekking and trail and sport styles.
- Hight lights also include boot concepts designed for Regency films that debuted in the film 'X-MEN' (2000).
- Advanced concepts for ID CELL outsole technologies delivering structured cushioning.

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Tobin Dorn
Design Director/Designer Los Angeles, CA