eat brite - a flatware concept that enables us to see our food in a different 'light'. By using a series of LEDs under a transparent surface, the food becomes back light, highlighting the internal structure of the food we are consuming and altering the visual element of the eating ritual. The food takes on an unnatural appearance, this is artificial eating for an artificial world.
billabong concept store - Design of the first ever 'stand-alone' billabong surfwear store. The project involved translating the brand’s graphic image into a retail environment: forms, materials and finishes.
digital trail collector - hardware component of a 'digital game' concept that reinforced a players physical presence in the urban landscape. By using the existing cell phone network the collector allowed the player to 'pick up' sound bites as they moved through the city fabric. The project was short listed in the 'Design for an Intelligent Lifestyle' competition 2002 by the Taiwanese Society of Industrial Designers.
mobil internet cafe - design concept for a mobile internet cafe, part of a series of proposals for the onsite presence of a major sponsor of the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. Our brief was to create an environment reflective of the Sydney beach culture, its colour, energy and flamboyance.
'sds' display cabinets - display cabinets designed for surfwear retailer Surf Dive 'n' Ski. Self illuminated and finished in high gloss 'pop' colours these playful cabinets can be altered to suit the stock and store architecture.
Tod Burton
Bristol, United Kingdom