Working Prototype. Photo by James Lua.
Photo by James Lua.
Photo by James Lua.
Breadboard prototype. Used existing bicycle components and machined a modifiable test fixture. Photo by James Lua.
CNC turned billet 6061 bar stock into the single-sided spindles that utilized existing, but also modified, Lefty Si hubs. Turned components were machined on a Haas TL-1.
MasterCAM toolpaths. Programmed for re-machining wheel hub to fit custom machined wheels. Modifications to off-the-shelf parts were machined on a 3-axis Haas TM2.
Wrapping an aluminum structure with 3D printed SLAs. 2 halves adhered to make up the handlebars.
Dry-fit. Test for function. Assembled before paint. Consisted of 3D printed objet parts, SLA's, machined aluminum and ABS plastic, and modified off-the-shelf drivetrain components.
Concept Bike Prototype

Created a futuristic concept bike for a debut at EUROBIKE in 2012. Cannondale approached us to engineer and prototype their concept "CERV" vision. Features included front and rear single-sided swingarms, forkless steering, and shaft driven.

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Todd Mendoza
Senior Innovation Prototyper at REI Seattle, WA