Above Photo by James Lua.
Mechanical Engineer provided SolidWorks CAD.
Fixturing was a challenge. Two halves were machined separately on 2 of each of the 6 sides, The two halves were then clamped together and the central bore and the outside conical surface was machined in unison.
Part still attached to fixture using tooling tabs.
Wrist linkages. 304 Stainless Steel
Articulating wrist.
Small scale. Before and after surface treatment exploration.
Check for fit and function before anodizing.
Surgical Instrument :: CNC

Machined billet 6061 Aluminum as well as 304 Stainless Steel with a CNC Mill. Housing for the transmission for a endoscopic surgical instrument. Parts were provided in SolidWorks, programmed through MasterCAM and then machined on a HAAS TM-2 3-axis CNC Mill.

Todd Mendoza
Senior Innovation Prototyper at REI Seattle, WA