2014-2015 Harley-Davdson dealer show banner 3'x7'.
2014 product line brochure for Thank-U Company customer appreciation program.
Brochure cover art for the 2013 charity event for The Institute For The Study and Practice of Nonviolence.
Custom skateboard shop deck design for Drift Surf Shop in Wakefield, RI. Currently being produced with a production date of late December 2015.
"Winter Solstice"
9"X12" Thinking Ahead acrylic award.
Logo design
Transformers Animated Fanart of Shockwave and Ultra Magnus.
Blackbeard character design for custom graphic inlay for a surfboard.
Volleyball team logo design.
Tattoo Flash art design.
Soapy Piggy artwork for surfboard graphic inlay.
Digital Art

Various digital creations.

Todd Moniz
Senior Art Director / Laser Art Department Graphic Artist Warwick, RI