Wilsonart's Metaproject - Poster for my rocking chair "The Reverie". Designed for thinking.
Wilsonart's Metaproject - Seating gesture observation
Wilsonart's Metaproject - Seating gesture observation.
Seating Gestures - Seating Gesture Observation for thinking.
Seating Points - Important points for seating.
Seating Gestures - Different positions people take while sitting in a chair thinking.
Context of Sitting - Context for sitting.
WilsonArt Metaproject - Seating gesture exploration for my seating device.
Seating Gesture - Seating gesture exploration for my seating device.
Beginning Thoughts - First thought on the project.
Seating Ideation - Seating Ideation.
Seating Device concepts - More ideation.
More Ideation
Construction Ideation - Construction Ideation.
Construction Notes - Construction Notes.
Construction Notes - Construction notes and measurements.
Cardboard Model 1 - Cardboard mockup
Carboard Model 2 - Cardboard Mockup 2
Aluminum Model - Aluminum Flashing Mockup
Metaproject Models - The entire Metaproject team's models.
Metaproject Models - Metaproject Teams different Models
Reverie Construction - Construction of the Reverie.
Reverie Construction - Construction and seating test of the Reverie.
Finished Reverie - Completed Reverie
WilsonArt Metaproject
Thomas Frobish
Concept Artist/ Storyboard Artist Easton, MD