Moat and Main Gate at the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Cover of "Tokyoiter" magazine (online), January 2021
Tokyo Station
"akemashite omodetou gozaimasu"
(translates to "Happy New Year")
Okonomiyaki Restaurant, Hiroshima
Yakitori and Hiroshima Perfectural Industraial Promotional Hall (in scaffolding), Hiroshima
Chinatown in Kobe, Japan
Rakushisha, Kyoto
Kyoto Imperial Palace, Japan
Honmaru - Yamura Gate at the Honmaru Goten Palace at the Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto
Honmaru Gate at the Honmaru - Goten Palace, NiJo-Jo Castle, Kyoto
Nijo-jo Castle Gate
Kyoto sketches
Kyoto sketches
Gate (small) at Nanzen-ji, Kyoto
Bukkoji Temple, Kyoto
Kamakura, Japan
Museum in Kiryu, Japan
building on left was a warehouse for food and other valuables
residential gate on Naoshima Island, Japan
Naopam Restaurant on Naoshima Island, Japan
small Japanese cars on Naoshima Island, Japan
Kurusawa Restaurant, Tokyo
Ramen in Iseshi, Japan
"Murakami Seikado" built in 1928 in Taito City, Japan.
At the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.
Koban ("Police Box" - neighborhood Police Station)
Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
Garden behind Yasakuni Shrine, Tokyo
Kiyosumi Garden - Tokyo
Yangon, Myanmar
Bagan, Myanmar
Bagan, Myanmar
Bagan, Myanmar
French Library and Cultural Center - Boston
Union Oyster House - Union Oyster House
established 1826
Boston, Massachusetts

Longest continually running restaurant in the United States.
St Stephens Church
Built 1804
designed by Charles Bulfinch
Quincy Market - Built 1822 - 1824
Quincy Market - Built 1822 - 1824
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Paul Revere and Pierce - Hichborn Houses
built 1680 and 1711 respectively
North End, Boston
Faneuil Hall - Built 1742, Rebuilt 1762, Enlarged 1806
Massachusetts State House - Boston, Massachusetts
Boston Symphony Hall - built in 1900
architect: McKim, Mead and White
Old Boston City Hall (Winter Scene) - built 1862-1865
45 School Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Architects: Gridley J. F. Bryant and Arthur Gilman
Old City Hall - Old Boston City Hall
School Street
Boston, Massachusetts
53 - 55 Beacon Street, Boston
87 and 89 Mount Vernon Street, Boston - 87 Mount Vernon Street
Charles Bulfinch, Architect
Built 1805
Harrison Gray Otis House (3rd House)
Built 1806
45 Beacon Street
Boston Garden Gate (winter)
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Museum of African American History - African Meeting House, built 1806
Abiel Smith School, built 1834

46 Joy Street
Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts
Vilna Shul - Built 1919
18 Phillips Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Suffolk County Jail (former)- The Liberty Hotel (current) - built 1851
215 Charles Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Massachusetts General Hospital
built 1811
designed by Charles Bulfinch
the West End, Boston
Kingsley Montessori School - 30 Fairfield Street
Back Bay
Boston, Massachusetts
Trinity Rectory - built 1880
Boston, Massachusetts
designed by Henry Hobson Richardson
Massachusetts Horticultural Society - built 1901
Boston Public Library - built 1895
Copley Square

designed by McKim, Meade, and White
Trinity Church at Copley Square, Boston
Firehouse of Engine 33/Ladder 15 - Boston Fire Station
Boylston Street

Built 1888
South Station, Boston
Boston Tea Party "museum"
Boston Fire Museum
built 1891

Boston, Massachusetts
Constructed 1965
Kenmore Square
Tremont Street Rowhouses
South End, Boston
view from The Buttery at Union Park in the South End, Boston
Old Massachusetts State House - Old Massachusetts State House
Built 1713
State Street
Boston, Massachusetts
West End Church - West End Church
Built 1806
Park Street Church, Boston - Park Street Church
Built 1809
1 Park Street
Boston, MA
John Hancock Counting House
Long Wharf
Waterfront District / North End
Museum of Fine Art, Boston
built 1909
USS Constitution Museum
Charlestown, Massachusetts
USS Constitution Museum (Brick Facade)
USS Constitution
Navy Yard - Charlestown
University Hall (summer view)
Built 1813-1815
Harvard University
University Hall (winter view)
Built 1813-1815
Harvard University
Widener Library
Faculty Room at University Hall
Gate at Harvard University
Harvard Chapel
Harvard Hall
Wadsworth House - Wadsworth House
Built 1726
Massachusetts Avenue
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard Lampoon
Adams House at Harvard University - Adams House
26 Plympton Street
Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
the Great Dome at Building 10
built 1916
Cardullo's - Cardullo's
Since 1950
Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Charles Sumner Sculpture - Charles Sumner Sculpture
by Anne Whitney, 1900
Harvard Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts
John Harvard Sculpture at Harvard University
Sam Adams Sculpture - erected in 1880
created by Anne Whitney
the sculpture is a copy of a marble sculpture located within Statuary Hall in the US Capitol Building
John Singleton Copley Sculpture - Copley Square
Boston, Massachusetts
located in the Boston Commons at Park Street and Tremont Street
Joy Street Steps - Boston Commons - located at Beacon and Joy Streets
built 1917

In honor of three time governor of Massachusetts Curtis Guild Jr. and ambassador to Russia.
African American Civil War Sculpture - Boston Common
Boston, Massachusetts
Sculpture of George Washington - located in the Boston Gardens
Boston, Massachusetts
Lightpost and Emergency Call Signal Post - Boston
Poster for The Charles River Conservancy
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Charles River New Basin Site Plan - for the Charles River Conservancy -

Assembled several consultants' drawings, changed and added elements (including text) as needed, and photoshop retouching.

Used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
The Charles River and the Anderson Bridge - with the Harvard Business School in the background. Commission for the Charles River Conservancy. The bridge shows a proposed pedestrian underpass.
Map of Charles River with Existing and Proposed Bridge Changes - for the Charles River Conservancy
printed in the Boston Globe editorial section
Map of Beacon Hill, Boston
Waterman Building and Carr House, RISD - Waterman Building and Carr House
Built 1893 and 1885 (respectively)
Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, Rhode Island
Newport Artillery Company - Newport Artillery Company
Built 1835
23 Clarke Street
Newport, Rhode Island
Guy on Moped - Watercolor Painting.
South by Southwest Poster
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Logo - Logo for a commercial real estate company with the initials "NG" and a desire to link their image with green buildings.
t-shirt logo design for the 2015 Charles River Swim
Logo for Water Polo team
40's Car Race
Gate at Princeton University - watercolor sketch
Tom Gastel
Architect Boston, MA