Contemporary design meets traditional manufacturing methods and beautiful materials to create the Obtineo range.
The Obtineo range provides an elegant way to store items around the home.
The curve of the glass is designed to nestle perfectly into the scoop of the wooden lid, making Obtineo stackable.
The collection is entirely hand made in the UK, supporting local craftsmen and making it easier to ensure quality.
With dishwasher-safe glass and a food-safe silicone seal, Obtineo Storage Jars are ideal for use in the kitchen.
The Obtineo dish is a minimalist way to keep desktops free of clutter.
The Obtineo dish is a stylish place to keep keys or change.
Obtineo is a Latin word meaning 'to hold, to keep, or to continue'. The name reflects a beautiful yet functional product which is made to last.
The Obtineo vase is a beautiful, simplistic centrepiece to the table.
Obtineo is proudly produced in the UK. To find out more, visit
Obtineo: Designed & Crafted in the UK

Obtineo is a luxury homeware range, designed and crafted entirely in the UK.

Featuring hand-blown glass, turned solid ash, and 100% wool felt, the collection's Nordic simplicity celebrates the beauty of its natural materials.

Studio photography: Perfect Aperture
Video stills: Orillo Productions

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Tom Hutchinson
Product Designer York, United Kingdom