Double pop out CD case - A video of the case in use here
Pop-Up CD case - The first run of the pop-up CD case being die cut and folded then hand assembled. Made for Off The Cuff festival in Birmingham.
Pop up CD case, first run complete - I was asked by Ondryland ( and Big Scary Monsters Records ( to make 100 pop up CD cases for the rerelease of Blakfish - See You In Another City EP to be sold at their last show. I had two days to make all 100. All the card was cut, folded and glued by hand. Most sold at the show, the remainder sold out online the Monday after.
Pop up CD case, production -
Mario Brothers Lamp - Pretty self explanitary. To save replying to a lot of messages about this the lamp is not available, this is just a CAD rendering of an idea I had.
Single line chair - An idea I came up with one night, made in Solidworks
Credit card USB storage - I realise this idea has been done and is in production, i found out after i’d come up with it so as i knew it wouldn’t take me long i designed my own version anyway. None of the ideas on the market fold halfway, they’re a bit more extravagant, making this cheaper to mass manufacture surely (probably…possibly?)
The Brick Phone - A stupid idea I came up with one afternoon
Angular Anglepoise Lamp
Pop-up CD case concept prototype -
Shapes concept rotary dial telephones
Circle development
Circle telephone
Triangle development
Triangle telephone
Square development
Square telephone
Projects after university
Tom Leggett
Nantwich, United Kingdom