NEXT / Life in Motion

Next is a modular self driving vehicle running on 4 wheels or 2 like a
Segway, alone or joined with other modules creating an endless
possibility convoy.
Life (your work, bar, social life, services, gym, restaurants etc...)
goes in motion. Everything whenever and wherever you want, on demand,
and while in motion too.
Perfectly stabilized to delete every side acceleration, or braking
feeling... it feels like you are standing still at home.
Please take a look also at the presentation slides and video to have a
deeper view (hope you publish the video (very explicative) too, it's
very big to send in the mail, please download it from the
Very important: Everything in the project is based on already existing
real technologies but never used and arranged in this way probably
because not yet cheap enough to be consumer and very popular. this is
not just fantasy, It's based on profound both scientific and tech
study, done thanks to my scientific background.

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Tommaso Gecchelin
Artist, Physicist, Designer Mira (Venezia), Italy