1. Storm approaching. Acrylic on paper. Using studies of the Devon Hills this was the first in a sequence of studio works exploring how the fields suggest the form in hills. 95x50 cms
2. Fields of Blue and Green Vertical strips of landscape focus the eye on moving forms within your vision like clouds and how their shadows slip through the view. 95x65 cms
3. Imaginary Hills. Often a motif will remain in your thoughts and can repeat itself again and again in your representations. 96x82cms
4. Fields looking towards Netherton. Recently ploughed fields reveal the red earth which contrast with the rich vegetation of surrounding crops. 60x50cms
5. Looking towards the Exe. Looking from Haldon Forest towards the river Exe and Exeter during a hot summer with fields of corn shimmering in the sun. 85x72 cms
6. Blue Landscape. Within a moment the wind can bring a change to the landscape with cold patches of dark blue rushing by. 95x50cms
9. Looking towards Cockwood From Haldon Forest. This painting was the result of sketches done in Haldon Forest and the dramatic views of the countryside and the river Exe beyond. 75x35 cms
10. View from Landscove School. This painting was the first in a series of works looking at the landscape around the village of Landscove. 95x50 cms
11. Fields and hills near Landcsove. In the summer sun shine the bright greens of the fields were touched with wild flowers. 95x50cms
12. Harvest Fields. Painting in Acrylic on paper of the river Teign from Bishopsteignton. This piece was painted in August on a hot afternoon. 60x50 cms
13. Swaling below Hay Tor. Have recently been working on paintings based on Dartmoor. Following a few days collecting information in sketchbooks I have started combining some of the sketches to create a working composition. The first one includes a view of Hay Tor. 95x50 cms
14. Evening light on Dartmoor. I have developed some abstracted landscapes looking at the texture and patterns that describe the forms on Dartmoor. 70x35cms
15. View from Hound Tor looking towards the rocks below the Tor. 95x50 cms
16. View of Cockwood from Haldon Forrest. 85x85
17. Mist above the river Teign. 95x50 cms
18. Fields above the Teign. 60x50 cms
19. In recent paintings I have gone back to using oil paint on canvas and using glazes of colour to create these light effects. Contours. 55x40 cms
20. Rolling Hills. Oil on canvas. 40x55cms
Watercolour. View from Hay Tor rocks looking towards the coast. 75x54cms
8. A recent revisit to this view using the original study done on site. The view of Combeinteignhead from Bishopsteignton. Acrylic on paper. 77 x 41 cms.
View from Idford common. Acrylic on paper. 58 x 19 cms.

As a teacher of art I have long believed that studio practice is an integral part of the process of art education.

These are paintings developed from sketches and colour studies completed from viewpoints above the river Teign. They have been pushed towards abstraction but recall the sweeping hills of Devon.

Tony Homer
Painter Teignmouth, United Kingdom