First design for La Paz painting.
Waterclour of La Paz.
Second study for the composition of La Paz.
Textured colour study for La Paz painting.
Final design for La Paz painting.
Study of a wall from a cafe in Cusco.
Painting based on Architecture in Peru. Acrylic on paper.
Second painting from studies of buildings in Peru.
Colour study of Sacred Valley in Peru.
First study of stone structures.
Spring in the Sacred Valley. This painting was based on the sketches completed in Peru while traveling through the Sacred Valley.
Painting of LA Paz, Bolivia. What a remarkable City. Full of life, light and a population who make the City work.
South America

Following a recent trip to South America I have been working from sketches and colour studies to develop paintings based on the visit.

Tony Homer
Painter Teignmouth, United Kingdom