1. Fishing Boats St Ives. The boats in St Ives have been a popular image for many artists and shapes are created as the line of fishing boats settle on the sand as the tide goes out.
2. Boats near Back Beach. A unique setting as the river Teign curves around the town creating views across to Shaldon.
3. Houses by Teignmouth Docks The view of the docks and the houses climbing the hill create a pattern of rooves and chimneys.
4.View of Teignmouth. Standing on the Salty looking towards the New Key Inn by the docks. The fishing boat is landing it's catch at the key. The buildings create a patchwork of shapes with shadows adding depth to the composition.
5. Ferry at back beach Teinmouth. This view is full of summer action with people catching the Ferry and enjoying the Sun. This makes a complex composition with a great opportunity to play with colour, texture and form.
6. Tenders. These small tenders are being pushed by the tide and I have tried to suggest this in the handling of the paint.
7. Tenders 11. The painting uses shapes of tenders, buoys and ropes to inform this composition.
9. Low Tide Gampton Creek. We have a small sailing boat on the river Dart and I have spent many happy hours drawing the scene at different states of the tide.
10. Low Tide Galpton Creek.11
Started this picture at a Demo last Night. Have worked on it today adding more detail and changed some parts to improve the composition. Hope you like it!
Everyones gone fishing! A painting of a few summer days on back beach Teignmouth.
The river, sea and boats.

Water has always been a part of my experiences from fishing with my brother on the river Severn to sailing with my dad in the lakes and cursing along the coastline of Devon and Cornwall. These images reflect my interest in the imagery surrounding water.

Tony Homer
Painter Teignmouth, United Kingdom