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New house!!
Mercedes 307d, 1982.
First summer, I put aromatic plants in the cabin, and on the roof.
welcome aboard, commander! BZH style
This is really perfect <3
Making new corners. 3 days, 4m2 of stainless sheet steel, and more than 750 rivets were used to redo all the angles.
With a friend who drive a Mercedes o309, 1973. I love its cartoon design!
The roof
Various solutions to install a solar panel.
250W mono crystalline solar panel composed of Bosh cells.
Meet a new friend :)
2013. Winter is coming, my TRUMA heater is out of order and I'm working in Paris. So, I decided to put a stove in the camper.
To protect the walls, I have build a zinc formwork around the stove, with a thermic isolant in it.
Great for cooking :)
tea time
New water heater
3d modeling. Scale: cm
3d modeling. Scale: cm
in De Lorean mode!
New suspensions, new brakes, ...
Believe it or not, but his new homemade exhaust is really high performances.
Trying a new cintiq.
After the regulator of the solar panel, I put a 12v > 220v converter of 1200w with a remote system.
New fridge. 12v, 220v, gaz.
I'm actually thinking about a bikes rack.
The kitchen is old. I want another one!
Destroying this piece of sh.., it's clear that the "wall" is dead.
Breaking the wall
The floor in the entrance was dead too. I rebuilt it with a sheet steel coming from aluminium stairs.
building the wall
With a sheet steel of alu of 3mm the floor is more resistant now.
I put insulation above the wheels and a new water tank inside the camper for the winter
Making the kitchen. The orange panel comes from a little camping table for children.
The old venetian blind has been cleaned.
a PC fan is used to extract the air during cooking
To bring the 220v near the bed, an electric wire passes through the copper tube
Storage near the bed and electric plugs.
There were three pieces like these on my floor. I don't know what it is
cut it
re use it
I put some stainless steel above the wheel of the caravan
Destroying the shower, installing the electric pump
Building a waterproof storage for the shower. I found the ZINC in a junkyard and I bought freezer Tupperwares to make the openings.
The old shower tray is rebuilt with fiber glass
Here I can store all the toxic products, oils...
Old battery storage, too small.
New battery storage, bigger.
New roof lights, 36 LEDS per light
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Project in constant evolution, based on a Mercedes 307d, 1982.

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concept design Bristol, United Kingdom