Corporate Logos 1 - 1. Nichols: Design for a family restaurant seeking a corporate update. 2. Boxology: Design for a structural engineer that creates box die lines 3. Da Nico: Designed for an upscale Italian restaurant in Pasadena, CA. 4. C-12: Line of CD and DVD storage cases. This logo was reproduced in plastic and used as an emblem of the actual product. 5. Sutton: Designed for a calenders and day timer company, this logo was branded into their higher end leather product series.
Corporate Logos 2 - 1. VAR: Designed for a company in Sweden that bottles sparkling spring water. 2. Cannun Inc.: Designed for a company that does corporate seminars and motivational speaking. 3. Ascent: Designed for a multi-media, motion picture company. 4. Lanes Branch: Designed for a large grain farm. The name of the farm comes from the street on which it is located. 5. E-GO: Designed for Southern California Edison electric company for their independent employee donation web site.
Corporate Logos 3 - 1. Art Hatch: This logo was designed for a nonprofit organization that encourages creativity and art in youth. 2. Mansanita Vineyards: Logo for a small independent winery. 3. Porter’s Coffee House: Logo for a family owned coffee house with a classic old world feel. 4. Step’n High: Logo for a miniature horse farm out of Paris, Illinois 5. High Definition: This logo was created for a home entertainment hardware installation company.
Kid Logos 1 - 1. Whirl Top Wonders: Line of girls action figures that spun on a plastic base, then popped up to the air in flight. 2. Bumps: Small basketball game for toddlers. 3. Little Cousins: Girls line of small dolls that traveled around the world. 4. Dream Clouds: Plush toys for girls to cuddle with at night. 5. Secret Swap: A girls toy that recorded voice messages and could then be passed between friends, the disks were stored in a small locker.
Corporate and Kid Logo Designs
Tracy Mikesell
Freelance Graphic and Product Designer Irving, TX